Veto Ceremony #2

The wrath of Paola & Brittany

should i sleep all day or should i just stay up tbh

Anonymous asked: I was watching How I Met Your Mother and JEN FROM BB8 WAS ON THERE

wheeewww what kind of post bb goddess slayage

"id be the first person in bb history to volunteer to go on the block!!"

ok caleb…

"jocasta’s the ultimate floater in the game!!"



Anonymous asked: Watch Devin get picked for veto and win then Jocasta goes home

that’s not happening derrick/nicole are happening and they already said “if devin gets picked wins veto and doesnt use it then oops caleb will go because there’s no way we’re voting jocasta out over him”

the only way jocasta goes home is if these people lose whatever sanity they have left or if devin wins veto and uses it on caleb then it would depend on replacement nom tbh

"jocasta’s going up for sure if you dont put her up i will"


does Derrick think Nicole’s stupid??

"i dont even know who was in the alliance honestly!!"

"we never met up collectively!!"

when she knows they all met up in the hoh room last week

Nicole winning her first HOH.

victoriarafaelis replied to your post: anonymous said:top 10 porn movies?

im guessing any that have to do with cable guys :~)