"Christine doesn’t like Janelle or Will Kirby, but does like Andy."


livefeeds replied to your post: every time i see brittany slander on m…

are you talking about me? bc my brittany post wasn’t slander………..

o i didnt even see ur post

same i get so pissed and im like fuck you very much

tagged/about me

but im just gonna start taking the queenthy hillis route when i see any more of this nonsense on my dash

every time i see brittany slander on my dash im so tempted to unfollow people even if i really like them

Anonymous asked: What did Christine say about Jen shitty


Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades Version) - Preview
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Anonymous asked: donny wants to bd amber....

Victoria Rafaeli


please let the double hoh twist end tonight


please let donny and jocasta win double hoh if not and change the power of the house