alright clearly idgaf about h*opz winning or the her and w*iteboy f2 so im just gonna skip to the reunion then onto season 2 to watch the saaphyri domination

ryancrobert replied to your post: megan wouldve won if it weren’t for th…


omg literally she was laughing as she walked away from all them with her voided check

"i might’ve made it this far, i might’ve almost won that money, but i am not about to have heather, and toastee, and pumkin, and entertainer and all them, stand up there and send ME home? They’re not deciding my fate, I decide my own fate and I’m quitting!"

megan wouldve won if it weren’t for the jury being full of haters

megan told whiteboy, the person voting someone out, to shut up and fuck you, and he still didnt eliminate her



me in Spanish class

spanish class

brandi c: *while sobbing* those girls upstairs deserve bad things to happen to them!

megan: dont say that, theyve already had bad things happen to them that’s why they look like that!

Notable locations in Greek mythology


is the lgbt community out of control?

The only hope we have is if the mayo kween doesn't win this comp Christine is able to win and realize that it's never to late to accept god into your heart

i just read the updates and caleb won